Technology Partners

Alvaria is vendor of the market-leading multi-channel Customer Experience Platform -Voxeo CXP. A successful customer portal is hardly conceivable nowadays without the use of this technology.

2-steps-ahead and Alvaria cooperate closely in the implementation of new CRM measures in major companies and corporate groups. As a certified solution provider 2-steps-ahead is committed here to the proved, practice-oriented technology of Alvaria.

Alvaria can rely on the methodological competence of 2-steps-ahead in the realization of new and innovative CRM strategies for their customer projects.

The use of Alvaria technology – in particular in the automation of contact centers – provides, in addition to a high degree of customer benefit, a cut in costs, as well as optimized processes. Module applications can also be used by companies as automated telephone switchboards or for other services. Together with Alvaria, numerous IVR projects in various branches have already been successfully implemented with this concept.

Consulting Partners

Innovative solutions require innovative solution approaches and products. This is also the reason why 2-steps-ahead KG – in addition to its technological partnerships – cooperates closely with experts in web, VUI design and software developing in order to achieve the demanding goals with the optimum efficiency.